WARRIOR NATION NUTRITION is a Canadian lifestyle brand focusing on Sports nutrition and fitness apparel. Our supplements have only the best ingredients, and our apparel is hand printed in-house at our fitness and manufacturing facility in Windsor, Ontario.

How Warrior Nation Was Born

In 2015, I (FREAK) was the president of a motorcycle club, and within 5 minutes my whole life had changed forever when I found myself sentenced to 7 years in prison.

My job... GONE, my wife and kids... GONE, my grand kids... GONE, my club... GONE. Just me sitting in a cell with nothing but time on my hands wondering what the hell happened.

At that point I knew my life had to change, and drastically.

I was out of shape at 275 LBS / 42 inch waist, and I thought “this is a pretty good place to start”. I trained every day, started eating right, worked my ass off, and went back to school taking business at a local college. 2 years later I was lean at 198 LBS / 32 inch waist, started getting more involved in nutrition - eating 7 meals a day, and weighing all of my food. Now I am still lean at 215LBS and growing, feeling great.

I started WARRIOR NATION to build a community and help like-minded people with their fitness goals. Our supplements have only the best ingredients here at WARRIOR NATION and we are always here to answer your questions regarding Supplements, nutrition plans, or our apparel. 

We take great pride in everything we do here at WARRIOR NATION NUTRITION, we have bigger and better things still to come so please join The Nation and let’s go.